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Twitch as a sociotechnical system for building and supporting inclusive communities

Why Twitch

The advent of the live broadcast has dramatically improved the efficiency of information dissemination. Since making its way onto the internet, it has created a new means of social networking and a growing number of social media sites. Twitch stands out as not only the most popular, but also as a streaming platform that welcomes a wide range of diverse and inclusive social groups. The platform hosts streamers from multiple professions and classes who work together with their audiences to form new communities.

Why AI Bots?

The AI bot is a crucial technology that manages various functions in the Twitch ecosystem. In the live chat, AI bots work on monitoring for hate speech, interacting with the audience and playing games, which provide audiences with an added sense of presence and participation, thus helping them feel more integrated with and invested in the community. In addition, AI bots analyze subscriber and follower data and manage advertisements and subscriptions which streamers use to better customize and and improve their content.


The visual representation works as a reward system for those who subscribe and also helps encourage the growth of the community.

The Chat

The chat is an area for streamers and viewers to interact with each other and the rest of the Twitch community.

Shout Outs

The automated messages, notifications and screen overlays which bots control and display in response to data from Twitch


Subscriptions and ads provide financial support to content creators, and bots manage their appearance and frequency during the stream.

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